A large blank world map with oceans marked in blue

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The United Powers or the U.P. is a alliance of several nations that follow the same Government system and pledge to the same rules. These rules dont vary between nations and no nation may break them.

The Politacally correct term for the U.P. is C.U.N.T which stands for: Capitalist Union of Nonchalant Treaties. The Capitalist Union is a Government system invented by Nikolai Bolshikov. In 2015 he ran for President of Russia aiming to change the world and make sure it went back on track.

On the 13th April Nikolai won the election at the age of 16, the reason he was allowed so young becuase he was super smart and had superior tactics and thoughts. He changed the Government system to his capitalist union which had immediant good effects! The Poverty scale went from 40% to an amazing low of 0.7%.

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